customer testimonials


Samanatha Manheimer Portrait for Cyc Fitness.jpg

Although we’ve used a ton of vendors both in NYC and within the U.S., this was the first large scale apparel order we did with overseas manufacturing. We were concerned about the long lead-time and the quality of production. But we had no issues. It was so timely and smooth. Shabnam was really easy to work with and everything came exactly when and as she said it would. I would definitely recommend PureCloth Solutions to others because we saved a lot of money, got a great product, and had no hiccups along the way.

Samantha Manheimer

President, CYC Fitness

Jill Folley Portrait for Peloton.jpg

I’m in charge of the team that designs, buys, and sources the Peloton apparel line. We have been let down by a lot of vendors. In the garment industry, many people just want to sell, sell, sell. People aren’t honest. Quality is compromised. You don’t get that with Purecloth Solutions. There’s a quality – a softness to the cloth – that I haven’t seen with my other partners. And they’re one of the most moral partners we have, with the interest of our customer at heart.

Also, what you see in your sample is what you get. That’s not the case with other vendors around the world. And when I say what I don’t like in the sample, they understand what I want and communicate efficiently to make changes so that the second sample is perfect.

One thing that really stands out about PureCloth Solutions is the level of customization they can provide. I’m like, “Wow you can do that?” I can make any kind of tank I want with seams wherever I want and all kinds of embellishments. 

I would recommend PureCloth Solutions because they’re proactive, they don’t overpromise, and even with crazy timelines they’ve bent over backwards to accommodate me.

Jill Foley

Director of Apparel, Peloton